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E-learning process is now inevitable and is strongly felt to supplement the traditional teaching and learning. The Electronic Technology in teaching and learning is an alternative form to proceed from rather general and theoretical resources to some instructive example of specific application of technology. For this development e-content is essential in every first grade college and it is to be designed to meet the new challenges and to help the student to achieve their goals in future. The E-content developed will be maintained in the Center as information net work in the institutional library.

Objectives of the E-learning Center of our institution

  • To promote the generation of e-content in all subjects.
  • To develop teachers’ and experts’ resources for the creation of e-content.
  • To make available the e-content to teachers and students for supplementing and complementing the process of teaching and learning in higher education.
  • To develop partnership between educational institution and the IT industries for providing e-content for the learners.

The features of the E-learning Center are

  • Technologically friendly so as to download and use the study material by the learners.
  • Learner-friendly for easy navigation.
  • Learner centric to be useful self instructional mode
  • Teacher-friendly so as to use this resource in various teaching and learning methods.
  • Employer learner centric to pay attention of information communication, exploratory, discovery approach, mastery learning etc.
  • Self evaluative to have plenty of evaluation material to give feed back to the learners.


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