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Department of Chemistry

With the inception of the college in 2004, the department of Chemistry was established in 2006, as an integral part of the faculty of science and secured permanent affiliation from University of Lucknow. The department is dedicated to academic activities. The department is presently offering four years undergraduate degree course in chemistry according to National Education Policy (NEP). Dr. Ajay Kumar, was the first Head of Department for three years who was M. Sc., NET. and gave right Kind of impetus which was needed in the beginning.

In the year 2021, Dr. Bandana Singh (M.Sc., Ph.D., Postdoc) become Head of Department and continue till now. She is a motivating and encouraging personality and under her able guidance there were various firsts like. Other member of the faculty is Mr. Alok Kumar Singh, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Pursuing) he has introducing innovative methodology and technology in teaching sphere.

Chemistry is branch of natural sciences that deals principally with the properties of substances, the changes they undergo, and the natural law’s that describe these changes. In modern industrial societies, chemistry is one of the foundations of the economy. Like other sciences, the advancements in chemistry have proven a boon to the World, and have brought with them challenges to overcome. Chemistry is the key to many of the solutions for the problems facing us today. The nature of chemistry encompasses the study of every substance. Research ranges from monitoring and removal of pollutants in the environment to the creation of new drugs, products and on to the theoretical basic research that allows for all other applications.

Department maintains a unique and innovative methods of teaching having adopted, including advance lessons, class test on topic basis, projects and seminars on regular basis. Labs are well equipped.  Department maintains also maintains the erudite work, culture and involves innovative teaching and student friendly atmosphere. The faculty also organizes seminars, workshops and various Co-curricular activities to inculcate scientific temperament with in students.


To enhance our status as an outstanding teaching and multidisciplinary research hub which is recognized for its quality teaching, innovative research to promote and discovery of new molecular entities that attracts the best students globally.


Our mission is to cultivate a world-class quality teaching environment for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral research programs to empower our students to meet the challenges of academic and industrial arenas. We foster and encourage the pursuit of interdisciplinary research in the thrust areas of chemical and industrial sciences.



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